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15-10-2002- Clan war against allies: DXPF, loss, 35-100 to DXPF. But we remain allies
15-10-2002- *BS* Clan declared ENEMIES to SV, SOS is encountered
17-10-2002- This site built!
17-10-2002- SV get bored. Attack D.K.S. clan to assasinate SeXyPrInCeSs but fail to complete the objective
17-10-2002- MoNkEy! sucessfully assasinates [D.K.S.] SeXyPrInCeSs
17-10-2002- Nabooth welcomed to SV Hellraiser Squad!!
19-10-2002- Mazar and Johnny Rotten join SV to wreck havok on the jedi!
20-10-2002- *BS*   server attacked along with DXPF, BS clan warned: THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINING
21-10-2002- }GA{ join the battle against the *BS* clan scum. The rage continues.....
25-10-2002- Downloads section added-check it out!
26-10-2002- BATTLE OF THE LAMERS =(SV)= Take it out COMPLETELY on lamers, there were five lamers altogether against 5 of us, this was not planned, one was a BS spy. AND BOY DID WE KICK ASS. All together we killed a total of 97 lamers!!!!
8-11-2002- Enemies and Allies- ///rj allies with SV! =RJ= declared enemies for hacking DXPF!
8-11-2002- Peace with *BS*? a treaty was agreed to by XEV, but this is still to be confirmed.....
10-11-2002- Scooter joins SV!
16-11-2002- =(SV)= FredaloT leaves SV taking his server with him, starts $o$ clan
17-11-2002- the One and Lithium join SV!
18-11-2002- Members section taken off for updating
22-11-2002- Member section added :-) enjoy!
23-11-2002- Subz3ro, Jaina and daywlaker join SV and profiles added to member section.
2-12-2002- All SV squads have been sent into BS servers. Further information is known only by BoS
3-12-2002- SV clan email service set up!
5-12-2002- Welcome Fatty to SV! Recrutement started.
8-12-2002-  Sith Slayers Project:Rage takes place
15-12-2002- ObbY! Joins SV and completes his training.
16-12-2002- Janeth Leaves DXPF and Joins ally clan Us! =(SV)=
16-12-2002- BoS clan site completed
18-12-2002- PEACE WITH *BS* MoNkEy! and WoWiE met up and agreed a peace treaty. SV shall no longer attack BS servers.
19-12-2002- =(SV)= CLAN SERVER now runs with ADMINMOD! SPECIAL THX TO: ->][DXPF][<-A.I.
19-12-2002- M@lcolm joins =(SV)=!
20-12-2002- First clan meeting at clan server, FUTURE joins SV!
21-12-2002- MoNkEy! KILLS 14 PEOPLE IN A ROW! WOOOHOOO!!!!! erm...sorry LoL :p
22-12-2002- Sith Slayer cought Chat killing and laming.
25-12-2002- KrajaK brings in bounty for ///M3!!!! *merry christmas*
25-12-2002- KrajaK promoted to SVA, MoNkEy!
25-12-2002- Return of the MoNkEy! !!
27-12-2002- TSD revolution! server: wals mart/ members involved: Malcolm, MoNkEy! TSD "trainers" decide to kick evryone off the pad so just TSD could go there! =(SV)= Start collective [angry mob ;)] against them and attack! Victory, again and again. SV claimed back pad and "open" it back to players. TSD swear revenge and back up, TSD clan become enemies of SV.
1-1-2k3- HAPPY NEW YEAR! NoiD joins SV
2-1-2k3- WAR with the other half?
3-1-2k3- Gabriel, Pheonix and DarkDrax join SV.
3-1-2k3- SV clan forums! check em out! -ISJ- ally with SV!!
14-1-2k3- M@lcolms server officially set up with Jedi Academy Mod!
12-1-2k3- Ophir and Dolphin join SV. Black starts new squad: FeArLeSs BTW: LATE HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
26-1-2k3- Black leaves SV taking his server with him, to start clan [VikinG]
26-1-2k3- Clan tag changed to -=(SV)=- by "demand"!
26-1-2k3- NoiD declared "lost" Gabriel declared "lost"
1-2-2k3- Merry new month =O. Malcolm declared "lost"
1-2-2k3- Jonny Rotten returns! again! PHENOIXS SKIN RELEASED d/l at !
2-2-2k3- F.B. Joins SV! soon to added to member section
8-2-2k3- MALCOLM RETURNS TO -=(SV)=- Beez joins SV!
13-2-2k3- NoiD RETURNS!!!!
15-2-2k3- FB leaves SV. Abusing clan leader
21-2-2k3- Phantom joins SV! [not exact date]
23-2-2k3- Dunken Halo and Kenshi join -=(SV)=- on krajaks server!
23-2-2k3- Member section fully updated.
23-2-2k3- =New ranking system=
11-3-03- The ThiNG joins SV! Ranks RE-ADDED!
26-3-03- PEACE MAN! STOP DA WAR! 24/7 SV serv COMING SOON!
21-4-03- Diablo Orc renamed 2 Lishenta
21-4-03- SV 24/7 SERVER WAHOO
29-4-03- Bart Joins SV!
29-4-01- Ranks being re-done
11-05-03- News section will be updated every sunday (hopefully)
Ranks still being sorted out
18-05-03-Shortarse joins SV-downloads being sorted out-same with screenshots
8-June-03-Site finally updated
18-July-03- Invasion of {LW} server. Invasion of =[NT]= Server. Rejoining of Phantom Cat. Where the hell is phenoix?
28-July-2k3- Phantom Cat leaves (thank god) Phantom cats plans revealed. Dany and phnx leave SV. Will phnx rejoin? Read forums! help!

The news section will be updated nearly every week